As a first timer buying on eBay Singapore, your main concern is usually locating a bargain. And once you did, you need to assess the seller’s trustworthiness, how much and when to bid as well as how to pay for it. This simple step-by-step buying guide on eBay SG, complete with vivid examples, will help you achieve that great eBay buy!

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To ensure the effectiveness of this guide , we recommend you complete the entire process while referring to this guide concurrently. For your convenience, ALL links found on this guide will open in a separate window when you click on them.

Before we start, please ensure you SATISFY the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to use eBay Singapore

Step 1: Create an eBay Singapore Account (5 Mins)

Before you can buy on eBay SG, you must first register as an user by following the steps below:

a. On eBay Singapore‘s main page, click on the blue colour “register” link in the upper left-hand corner (next to the logo).

eBay Singapore Registration

Register with eBay Singapore now (this will open in a new window)

b. Next on the registration page, complete your personal information. You may like to take note of the following pointers:

  • User ID – Choose a User ID that does not disclose your personal information (to protect your privacy). For example: gum_tree2008
  • Email address – Use an email address that you check frequently as alerts from eBay SG will be sent to this email account
  • User Agreement and Privacy Policy – Be sure to read through them and check the boxes if you are agreeable

c. After clicking the “Register“, an activation email will be sent to the email address that you have provided

d. Login to your email account, open the email and click the “Activate Now” link to confirm your registration

e. Let’s start shopping on eBay SG!

Step 2: Locate an Item on eBay Singapore

The following step will depend on whether you have a particular item in mind (see point 1) OR you are looking around for items that may interest you (skip to point 2).

1) If You Have a Particular Item in Mind

a. Click on “Buy” on the upper right-hand corner of any page

b. Search using different terms for the item that you want to buy. For example: If you are looking for a tote bag, you can start by searching for “tote bag” followed by other terms such as “tote bags”, “totebag” and “totebags” which will return different item listings

c. If there are too many results, you can EITHER use a more specific term. For example: “abc brand tote bag” OR use “Advanced Search” option to narrow down your search

d. If there are too little or no result, you can use the “Search title and description” option to broaden your search

2) If You Do Not Have a Particular Item in Mind

a. Click on “Buy” on the upper right-hand corner of any page
b. Browse Categories below the search box to find items that interest you

c. To maximise your shopping experience, click on “See all categories” to view all categories with the number of items listed in each category as well as visit eBay Stores – where sellers display all their items in a single location (store)

Once you have located the item that you will like to buy, it’s important to assess the credibility of the seller before deciding it’s a bargain.

Step 3: Determine Seller’s Trustworthiness on eBay SG

eBay Singapore Seller Feedbacka. Under “Meet the seller” on the right-hand side of the item page, you can gauge a seller’s online reputation by the following:

  • feedback score – seller will receive +1 point to feedback score for each positive comment & rating). For example: userid (143 *) has 143 positive feedback
  • positive feedback % – percentage of positive feedback VS all feedback

b. A trustworthy seller = high feedback score and high positive feedback percentage
c. Be careful of seller with NO feedback. For example: userid (0)

d. Finally, click on “See detailed feedback” to read feedback comments written by other buyers before deciding to proceed to the next step

Step 4: Decide If Item is A Good Bargain

a. Study the description and photos carefully to ensure you know exactly what you will be receiving from the seller

Caution: If it sounds too good be true, it may be a fake or fraud

b. If you have any questions, clarify with the seller by clicking on “Ask seller a question” (redirects to eBay SG internal messaging system). Note: In case of any disputes, keep all correspondences between you and the seller within the internal messaging system

c. Compare prices on eBay Singapore by locating similar items and find out how much buyers are bidding or the seller’s “Buy It Now” price

d. Find out the “Postage costs” as your bid does not include it. Factor this into the total cost of the item. And also make sure the seller is not charging extra by verifying it with Singpost postage rate table

Note: If buying from overseas, remember to factor in exchange rates and international shipping fees

e. Make sure the seller’s payment methods are acceptable to you

Step 5: Buy the Item on eBay Singapore

a. Once you are sure that you want to purchase the item, proceed to bid for it

Placing a bid enters you into a binding contract and that means you are required to complete the transaction if you win

How to place a bid?

b. Under “Your maximum bid“, enter the maximum price you are willing to pay (based on your previous price comparison exercise) and click “Place Bid >

It is believed that bidding when the auction is about to close, helps to keep the price you will be paying low, and yet upping your chances in winning the bid

c. Review and Confirm Bid: Click “Confirm Bid” and eBay SG will now automatically bid (the amount necessary to keep you as the higher bidder) on your behalf up to the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item

d. You will receive an email confirming your bid. When the bidding ends, you will get another email indicating whether you have won the item

For items with “Buy It Now” price (Alternative to Bidding)

e. If there is a Buy It Now price in the item listing, it allows you to buy the item at that fixed price immediately
d. Click on “Buy It Now >“, enter the quantity you want to buy followed by clicking “Continue >
e. Click “Commit to Buy” and proceed to pay for the item

Final Step: Pay For The Item

a. Once you have won the item or purchase at Buy It Now price, you need select a payment method (indicated by the seller) that is the safest and most secure before paying

b. Most payment methods are covered by eBay’s Buyer Protection Programme up to certain amount. If you make payment using PayPal, you may also be covered under PayPal’s Buyer Programme

c. For your best protection, always use PayPal for making payments. Cash and Wire Transfer are not recommended

That’s all, we hope you will have an enjoyable shopping experience at eBay Singapore!

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