If you haven’t heard, Strawberry NET is a popular and trustworthy Hong Kong based online store that has been selling discounted cosmetics, perfume and skin care products since 1997. You can get a good deal for certain salon-size products, makeup and perfume sets. And best of all, it ships to Singapore for free!

Give Me An Example!

For example, Strawberry NET is selling Murad’s Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30 for Face (50ml) at S$44.5 while you have to pay S$66 at a Singapore departmental store. This is a whopping 32% discount!

How Genuine Is This?

Actually, I have been using Strawberry NET for quite a while and I shall let you in on my latest Strawberry Net’s purchase to demonstrate its reliability, authenticity as well as the cost savings involved.

Last week, I purchased a bottle of Nioxin’s System 1 Cleanser (300ml) at S$22.5 nett with my Citibank Dividend credit card (PayPal payment is also available). Apart from being virtually unavailable in Singapore salons (they carry only System 2 and 4), it cost about 25% cheaper than the S$30 you would normally pay in a salon.

Let’s Start Tracking My Purchase!

Each purchase comes with an unique order confirmation number that can be used to track the status of your item.

Strawberry NET Shipment Status

After 6 Calendar Days

Instead of running around in Singapore (wasting time, energy & money) just to hunt down an elusive bottle of shampoo, I managed to get it cheaper and at the comfort of my home.

Here’s the package that arrived via registered mail:

Strawberry NET - Package

TADA, my authentic Nioxin’s System 1 Cleanser!

Strawberry NET - Nioxin

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