If you are a heavy iPhone user, student or NSF, who makes less than 700 minutes of outgoing calls per month, the following side-by-side comparison of StarHub, SingTel and M1 iPhone price plans and handset prices for customers with high usage needs, will help you to make a more well-informed decision.

Singapore iPhone Plan DetailsSmart Surf 700
(Star Hub)
iFlexi Plus
(Sing Tel)
iPhone Extreme
Price Per Month$98.00$99.90$98.00
One-Time Registration Fee + SIM Card$37.45$42.80$37.45
Standard Package   
Free Outgoing Calls700 mins500 mins700 mins
Free Local SMS/MMS500 SMS / MMS700 SMS / MMS500 SMS / MMS
Free Local Data Bundle12 GB12 GBUnlimited
Excess Data Charges$0.0034/KB$0.0054/2KB
Data Usage Bill Cap$30$30
Free All-Day Incoming Voice CallsYesYesYes
Free All-Day Incoming Video CallsYesNoYes
Per Second BillingYesNoYes
Local Talktime Rate16.05¢/min16.05¢/min16.05¢/min
Additional Offers   
Free Local CallsFree 100 mins outgoing video call for all 3G plans (valid till 31 Dec 2011)Free unlimited calls to 3 M1 friends
Free Local SMS
Free IDD CallsFree IDD 018 calls to 18 destinations for $5.35/mthFree IDD 021 calls to 19 destinations for $5.35/mth
Students/NSF Extras   
Free Outgoing CallsFree campus/camp call (capped at $30/mth)Free campus/camp call (capped at $64.20/mth)
Free Local SMS/MMSUnlimitedUnlimited SMSUnlimited
iPhone Prices (2-Yr Contract)   
iPhone 4 8GB$0$0$0
iPhone 4S 16GB (NEW)$0$0$0
iPhone 4S 32GB (NEW)$108$98$70
iPhone 4S 64GB (NEW)$228$208$210

Disclaimer: Information found above is purely for reference only and is subject to change as well as Terms and Conditions. Please refer to www.starhub.com, www.singtel.com, and www.m1.com.sg for their full set of Terms and Conditions.

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