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Zinio offers readers in Singapore online magazine subscription to top selling U.S. magazines such as BusinessWeek, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, MacWorld, Maxim and PC Magazine at an extremely low price. They are delivered in high quality digital format and as soon as they hit the newsstand in U.S.

For example, US$19.99 buys you 12 issues of Cosmopolitan in digital format from Zinio (i.e. approximately S$2.50 per issue) which you can read online, download for offline viewing or print out if you wish to. As compared to the newsstand price of S$14 in Singapore, this is a whopping 82% savings!

The following table will show the potential savings (per issue) as a result of subscribing to your favourite U.S. magazines in digital format (from Zinio) as compared to buying a print copy from newsstand/bookstore in Singapore:

Magazine TitleSingapore NewsstandZinio (Digital Format)*Savings
Bloomberg BusinessWeek (US)S$10S$1.13 (51 issues for S$57.39)89%
Cosmopolitan (US)S$14S$5.20 (12 issues for S$62.37)63%
Elle (US)S$9.50S$5.20 (12 issues for S$62.37)45%
Harper’s Bazaar (US)S$15S$2.27 (11 issues for S$24.94)85%
MacWorld (US)S$15 S$2.28 (12 issues for S$27.41)85%
Maxim (US)S$11.90 S$1.87 (10 issues for S$18.68)84%
PC Magazine (US)S$12.90S$1.56 (12 issues for S$18.68)88%
PC World (US)S$11.90S$2.08 (12 issues for S$24.92)83%

*Estimated pricing.

What Does The Digital Format Look Like?

Currently, I’m subscribed to BusinessWeek (costs about S$1.35 per issue) and Cosmopolitan. I believe some of you may be curious how they appear in digital format. So I have done screen captures below of a page from an issue of Cosmo that I’m reading.

[Screen Capture 1 – Reading Online & Using My Mouse Cursor to ‘Flip’ a Page]
Zinio - Reading Cosmopolitan Magazine Online

[Screen Capture 2 – Zooming In on A Page (Actual Text is Much Sharper)]
Zinio - Cosmopolitan Magazine Closeup

For more information or a free trial, read our review on Zinio OR

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