Basically, the Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit (also known as Time Deposit) holds your money for a fixed amount of time and in return, you are promised a FIXED deposit interest rate. Upon maturity, you will receive your initial deposit plus interest earned.

As there is a myriad of fixed deposit interest rates available for various tenor/period as well as deposit amount, we shall concentrate on the most common combination:

Tenor/Period: 12mths

Deposit Amount: less than S$10k to S$50k

Based on the above tenor and deposit amounts, the following is a comparison of the Fixed Deposit Interest Rate (% p.a.) offered by the full banks in Singapore.

Note: For other periods & deposit amounts, click “View” below for their latest rates.

Rates collated on 1 May 2020

Period:1 YrCitibankDBSHSBCMayBank
< S$10k1.40000.25000.7000
Latest RatesViewViewViewView
< S$10k0.25000.45001.10000.7000
Latest RatesViewViewViewView

Disclaimer: Fixed Deposit Interest Rates found above are purely for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Please click on “View” for the latest rates.

Deposit-Related Telephone Numbers

To check the latest promotional rates and rates for deposits greater than S$1 million, you can call the following telephone numbers:

Citibank: 6225 5225

DBS: 1800 111 1111

HSBC: 1800 4722 669

MayBank: 1800 629 2265

OCBC: 1800 438 3333

RHB Bank: 1800 323 0100

Standard Chartered: 1800 747 7000

UOB: 1800 222 2121

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Singapore dollar fixed deposit?

Please refer to Latest Fixed Deposit Rate in Singapore?

Legal Money Lender Interest Rate

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