Are you paying expensive mobile phone bills from making local and international calls in Singapore? There may be a solution to your situation. pfingo Bounce (by StarHub) is a call-back service that converts costly outgoing calls into cheaper incoming calls.

pfingo Bounce, Call-back Service

We have tested pfingo Bounce (Call-back Service) on our local mobile phone line. Based on our findings, we’ll attempt to explain in the following sections: what it’s about; and how it has helped in slashing our mobile phone bills in Singapore.

Point to Note Before We Start

To effectively save on your mobile phone bills using pfingo Bounce (Call-back Service), you should be subscribed to a Singapore mobile phone plan that comes with free all-day incoming voice calls. In our case, we are using StarHub’s PowerValue 100 plan.

How Does pfingo Bounce (Call-back Service) Work?

Dial pfingo Bounce Number
1. Dial pfingo Bounce’s number
pfingo Bounce Incoming Call
3. You’ll receive an incoming call from pfingo Bounce

pfingo Bounce Call Drops
2. The call will drop (you may incur a call-back setup charge. For e.g. M1 charges S$0.10 per call)

Enter Friend's Phone Number
4. Answer the call & enter your friend’s phone number (No charges if you’ve free incoming calls)

5. pfingo Bounce will connect you to your friend almost instantly (Charges based solely on pfingo Bounce rates if you’ve free incoming calls)

Note: Alternatively, you can SMS (SMS charge applies) to pfingo Bounce; use a simple web interface on; or download an application to your mobile phone (data charge applies & it takes about 3.31kb of data per call) to initiate a call-back. View all these methods in detail.

How Much Savings Are We Talking About?

Assuming you’ve free all-day incoming voice calls, the following is an estimate of what you should be paying for a 60-minute local call with and without pfingo Bounce (Call-back Service).

Without pfingo Bounce
Based on the standard local mobile talktime rate of S$0.1605/min, it will cost S$9.63.

With pfingo Bounce
Based on the pfingo Bounce local talktime rate of S$0.05/min, it will cost S$3.00 (or approx S$3.10 inclusive of call-back setup charge)

The savings are also as significant when making overseas calls from Singapore (see pfingo Bounce rates for overseas calls).

How Do I Start Using pfingo Bounce (Call-back Service)?

To start using the service, you will need to:

  • Register a free account at pfingo Bounce
  • Activate the account by submitting the SMS activation code that is sent to you
  • Add call credit

Adding Call Credit

There are two options to add Call Credit – Credit Card Payment and Top-Up Card, and Call Credit comes in packages of S$12, S$20, S$30 and S$50.

We have used Citibank Dividend credit card to purchase a S$12.00 Call Credit package on The payment process is handled by TeleMoney Services ( and the credit card information is protected by high-grade encryption (AES-256 256 bit). Our payment went through smoothly and S$12.00 was credited to our account instantly.

If you do not intend to use credit card payment, you can purchase a Top-Up Card at one of these locations and redeem it on

That’s all! You can proceed to use pfingo Bounce (Call-back Service) using one of these methods.

What We Don’t Like About pfingo Bounce (Call-back Service)?

  • We are unable to access pfingo Bounce’s Terms of Service (clicking the link brings us nowhere)
  • The ONE & ONLY customer support section is not working for us despite the fact that we are logged in (we are prompted to login whenever we click on “I need help”)
  • We did not get the promised S$1 worth of FREE call credits

In summary, pfingo Bounce (Call-back Service) is big on savings but fair poorly in customer service. Since the call quality is good and the service is stable, it’s still viable to use it to save on mobile phone bills in Singapore.

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