Inline Skates & Rollerblade - Skates.comAfter my fourth pair of inline skates (or commonly called rollerblade in Singapore) broke, I intended to buy a new pair locally but decided against it as soon as I realized that it’s getting pretty expensive to get a decent pair here. Instead I bought it online from at about 35% off the retail price in Singapore. belongs to a U.S. based company that has been in the skating industry since 1975. It carries a wide selection of inline skates at discounted prices, and offers affordable, direct shipping to Singapore using UPS delivery services.

Although it’s a bane that I’m unable to physically try out the inline skates, the money saved is significant enough for me to take my chances. Furthermore it’s not very difficult to visit a local inline skate’s shop and try it out before buying online. – Inline Skates & Rollerblade Store

Last Reviewed:
Features:Latest fitness, speed and aggressive inline skates from internationally known brand names such as K2, Rollerblade and etc.
Highlights:Singapore’s inline skates collection should be about a season behind the U.S. So when the old collection – which is considered new here – goes on clearance sale at, the savings is substantial even with shipping charges included.
Pros:I like the fact that shipped out the item promptly and shipping via UPS is fast – the package arrived at my house within 7 days of my purchase.
Cons:Before shipping the item, a staff in the U.S. will call the customer to check that it’s not a fraudulent purchase. This means you should provide your mobile phone number and answer the long-distance call promptly to prevent any delays in the delivery.
Money-Back Guarantee:YES (Within 20 Days of Receipt).
Secure Payment:YES (credit card information protected by Volusion).
Payment Options:Credit Card, PayPal or Money Order.

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