SG Webhosting - Oryon NetworksAfter using webhosting services around the globe for more than 10 years, we have learnt that a good webhost should fulfill the following criteria:

+ Reliable – Good uptime & loading speed
+ Great Support – Responsive & technically-abled
+ Good Pricing – Sufficient bandwidth, diskspace & features

These are the same criteria that we used to assess Oryon Networks when we decided to switch from a US to a SG webhosting service for better speed and local search engine ranking.

Below are how Oryon Networks has performed in these 3 areas:

Reliable: For our 2+ years with Oryon Networks, we have experienced almost zero downtime (i.e. website inaccessible due to network problem). Furthermore, the website loading time is exceptionally fast. For the webmaster, the blazing speed for uploading/downloading files via FTP and carrying out server backup is a heaven-sent.

Support: The support is flawless from the start. All sales enquiries are replied within minutes. Their winning edge was offering to help us to migrate our website from the US webhost. Subsequently, all technical enquiries are always promptly handled and resolved.

Pricing: We are using the the Power-3 package which is extremely cost effective as Oryon Networks allows up to 11 websites (11 domain names) to be hosted on a single account together with a gracious (in SG webhosting context) 3000MB disk space and bandwidth limit of 30GB per month. has been using Oryon Networks’ SG webhosting service for more than 2 years and from our comments above, you should know that we are still very satisfied with it.

Oryon Networks (SG Webhosting)

Last Reviewed:
Features:Reliable Servers that are Located in Singapore – Qala Internet Data Center, Easy to Use Yet Powerful User Interface – Cpanel (To manage your websites), One-Click Install for popular applications such as WordPress (Blog), phpBB2 (Forum) and OSCommerce (Ecommerce Cart), Unlimited MySQL Databases and $0 setup fee.
Highlights:INCLUDES Oryon Networks Site Builder which enables you to build a professional-looking website without any knowledge on web design in 7 simple steps!
Pros:We like the fact that such an efficient yet reasonably priced SG webhosting can be found in our own ‘backyard’. This means that we enjoy immediate response to our technical problems (no time zone problem) as well as blazing upload and download speed.
Cons:Bandwidth in Singapore is extremely expensive as compared to US. We are only using Oryon Networks for Singapore-related websites. For websites targeted at global audience, we use US webhosting such as the highly reliable and relatively cheaper Hostgator.
YES (Full 30 days to use risk-free)
Payment Options:Yearly Billing Cycle via PayPal, Internet Banking (Fund Transfer) or Cheque
Bonus Included:+ 1 Free (.com /.net /.biz /.org) Domain worth about S$15

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