Nokia Singapore Online Music StoreThere is no doubt that Nokia online music store in Singapore boasts a much bigger selection of music (with millions of songs to choose from) at a lower cost.

While navigating the website and finding your favourite music are straight forward, buying songs or an album is not necessarily an easy process. Apart from registration, the users are required to install Nokia Media Bar – a 3rd party application that runs in their Internet Explorer browser – before they can play or buy songs or an album.

We LIKE the slightly lower cost required to buy an album as well as the huge collection to choose from. However, we are not in favour of having an additional application (Nokia Media Bar) in order to buy music online. Thus we would only use the store when buying full albums in order to save money. For purchase on a per song basis, we would continue to use Soundbuzz which is cheaper and faster.

Nokia Online Music Store (Singapore)

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Features:Millions of songs from local and international record labels including SONY BMG, Warner Music, Universal, Ocean Butterflies Music, EPIC and Rock Records (Singapore). Includes a free 30 second preview for each track.
Highlights:One of the cheapest (legal) options available in Singapore to buy an album online at S$16 per download. You can also subscribe to unlimited streaming of all songs from the store at S$16 per month.
Pros:We like the fact that there are a lot more choices when it comes to songs and albums as compared to other online stores serving Singapore. The Nokia online music store also carries a much larger collection of Asian music including Chinese, Indonesian and Filipino selections.
Cons:Similarly to Soundbuzz, the website functions only with Internet Explorer (IE) browser and purchase works for PC/Windows Users only. The file format is also not supported by iTunes/iPod (Learn how to convert it to MP3 for use in most portable music players including iPod). Furthermore, it is compulsory to install Nokia Media Bar before you can buy songs or an album.
File Format:DRM Protected Windows Media Audio file (*.wma) encoded in either 128 kbps or 192 kbps (better quality music) bit rate.
Restrictions:Each Digital Download comes with at least 3 full licenses. Each license allows you to burn or transfer the song a number of times depending on the record label, and each time you download the song on a different PC or mobile device, one of your licenses is used.
Secure Payment:YES (credit card payment via
Payment Options:Credit card, Nokia Music PIN voucher that can be purchased at AXS machines and pre-paid credit vouchers available at selected Nokia retailers.

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