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USA Webhosting - HostgatorThe main advantage of using USA webhosting over Singapore webhosting is cost.

For the same price, you will be getting a few 100x worth of extra diskspace and bandwidth from USA webhosting.

But cost isn’t everything, a good USA webhost should fulfill the following criteria for a user based in Singapore:

+ Reliable – Good uptime & reasonable website loading speed
+ Provide 24/7 Support – Respond within 24 hrs & technically-abled
+ Great Pricing – Generous on bandwidth, diskspace & features

These are the same criteria that we used to assess Hostgator when we needed a low cost USA webhosting service to host 20+ websites targeted at global audience. Below are how Hostgator has performed in these 3 areas:

Reliable: For our 1+ year with Hostgator, we have experienced pratically zero downtime (i.e. website not accessible due to network problem). Furthermore, the website loading speed is pretty reasonable for visitors from Asia, Europe & Australia and very fast for USA surfers.

Support: The support is excellent from the beginning. All sales enquiries are replied within the same day. Their winning edge was clearing all our doubts in real-time via their Live Chat feature. Subsequently, all technical requests are always promptly handled and resolved within 24 hours.

Pricing: We are using the the “Baby” package that is extremely cost effective as Hostgator allows UNLIMITED domains to be hosted on a single account together with UNLIMITED disk space and bandwidth.

We have been using Hostgator’s USA webhosting service for more than 1 year and we have not come across any other providers that can match them in terms of the above 3 criteria.

Hostgator (USA Webhosting)

Last Reviewed:
Features:Reliable Servers that are located in the United States, User Friendly & Feature Rich website control panel – Cpanel, One-Click Install for instant Blog, Forum and Shopping Cart, Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts & MySQL databases, Free Setup, Unlimited Domains (for Baby Plan & above)
Highlights:INCLUDES 4,500 Website Templates that you can use for FREE on all domains hosted with Hostgator. There is also a SiteBuilder which allows you to easily build a professional-looking website within minutes!
Pros:We like the fact that such a reliable yet low cost USA webhosting option is available to Singapore. This means that we can keep our operating cost low while providing high performance websites. In addition, Hostgator’s service level is consistent as the support staff’s pay is dependent on ratings by customers.
Cons:Website loading speed for local surfers is much slower as compared those websites hosted in Singapore. We are only using Hostgator for Global-related websites. For websites targeted at the Singapore audience, we use SG webhosting such as the highly reliable and reasonably priced Oryon Networks.
YES (Full 45 days to use risk-free)
Payment Options:Monthly (subject to setup fee), Yearly, 24-Months or 36-Months Billing Cycle via Credit Card
Bonus Included:+ Free Website Transfer – Domain, Files, MySQL Databases and Scripts

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