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Buy Korea Prepaid Data SIM From Singapore

If you are travelling to South Korea for more than 2 days, you can consider purchasing a Korea prepaid data SIM card (1GB data) that is valid for 30 days, for 25,500 KRW (approximately S$32) instead of paying about S$18-22 daily to the local telcos (using StarHub as an example) for unlimited data usage in Korea.

EG SIM – Packaging
The following is a step-by-step guide on how to complete an online purchase of a Korea prepaid SIM card (data only) from Singapore. And collect it at the airport upon arrival.

1) Before you proceed, you will need to have the following information and item on hand:

– A scanned copy of your passport (in GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG)
– Arrival date and time (to determine your collection date and time)
– Period of visit (dates of arrival and departure)
– Which airport you are touching down
– Model of your phone and its IMEI number
– A valid credit card

2) Visit EG SIM to register an account. As you will need to present your passport (as a form of identification) during collection, remember to input your full name found in your passport (under the First name & Last name fields).
EG SIM – Register (Step 1)

EG SIM - Would you like to register (Step 2)
EG SIM - Register completed (Step 3)

3) After registration, proceed to sign in to your account.
EG SIM – Sign in (Step 4)

4) After signing in, click Buy EG SIM card Now!.
EG SIM - Buy EG SIM Card Now (Step 5)

5) Select where you would to collect/receive it, type of SIM card and data service option. I usually opt for 1GB data service and Collection place (for collection at the Airport).
EG SIM – Select Card Type (Step 6)

6) Complete the Billing/Shipping Address form.
EG SIM – Billing & Shipping Address (Step 7)

7) Upload a scanned copy of your passport.
EG SIM – File Upload (Step 8)

EG SIM – Select File and Submit (Step 9)

EG SIM – Do you want to upload a file (Step 10)

8) Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions. And complete the information about your device.
EG SIM – Agree Terms & Device Info (Step 11)

9) Make payment with your credit card.
EG SIM – Payment method (Step 12)

EG SIM – Enter Card Info (Step 13)

EG SIM – Enter Card CVV2 (Step 14)

10) Print/save this order confirmation page for your record.
EG SIM – Order Confirmation (Step 15)

11) If you have opted for collection at Airport, simply present your order number and passport at the Airport location to collect your package.
EG SIM – Airport Collection

12) If you have entered your device’s information correctly (at Point 8), you should be able to use it immediately upon inserting your SIM card.

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