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Call Forwarding – Divert Singapore Calls To Your Overseas No. Cheaply

How do you stay contactable on your Singapore mobile phone number when overseas without chalking up a ridiculous amount on incoming roaming call charges? You can use a call forwarding service from either Trusling (Ready-2-Go Link Service) or Hoiio to divert your Singapore calls to an overseas phone number at a fraction of the cost.

I shall elaborate further using Trusling’s call forwarding service (Ready-2-Go Link Service) as an example.

How Much Savings?

For example, diverted calls with Ready-2-Go Link Service cost S$0.08/min while incoming roaming calls may cost more than S$2.00/min in China.

What Do You Need?

  • An overseas prepaid SIM card with free incoming calls
  • A Ready-2-Go Link Service card (by Trusling)

How It Works?

  • You divert your calls to a Singapore phone number provided by Trusling
  • Trusling will forward all your calls to your overseas phone number

Where Can I Buy The Ready-2-Go Link Service Card?

The Ready-2-Go Link Service card (with S$15 worth of Link Service credits) costs S$15 and it can be purchased from these retailers.

For diverted call rates and more information, you can visit Ready-2-Go Link Service.

How About Making Cheap Calls Back To Singapore?

If you looking at making cheap calls to a Singapore phone number from overseas, you can try call back services from either pfingo Bounce or Hoiio. - Singapore Screen Protector Store

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