Yamato Transport (TA-Q-BIN) – Courier Service Tested In Singapore

I have recently tested Yamato Transport (TA-Q-BIN) courier service in Singapore and I’m happy with its service and pricing. A 60cm x 60cm x 60cm package costs only S$6 nett which includes pickup of the package at your location. The following is how it works and what to expect.

Basically Yamato Transport’s TA-Q-BIN provides same-day courier delivery to anywhere in Singapore except offshore Islands (except Sentosa). You can call or submit your request online to arrange pickup of your package at the location that you specify.

Here’s how to send a package from your location:

1) Visit TA-Q-Bin Pickup Request or call 1800-2255-888.

2) Provide the following information:

Pickup date & time, delivery date & time, your name, your pickup address, your telephone number and email address, type of delivery service: TA-Q-BIN, quantity of parcel, size of the package (Height x Width x Length), item description, and Do you have a waybill for the package: No.

3) For the delivery charge (to be paid in cash), you can either opt for the receiver to pay (option: Charge to Receiver) or you can opt to pay during the package pickup (option: Prepaid).

4) During package pickup at your location, you will given a waybill to complete. Just fill in the addressee, sender and item description (remember to circle fragile items or perishable items if your items are of this nature) columns, and sign.

5) The copy that you wrote on will be given to you for retention.

For more information, visit Yamato Transport (TA-Q-BIN) courier service.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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