Free Songs For Download In Singapore! (Qtrax)

Qtrax, 100% free, and legal music download site is now available in Singapore. Simply sign up, confirm your email address, search or browse the website, and download high quality, free songs in WMA format. You can play them for an unlimited number of times using Windows Media Player or Windows Media mobile devices.

This free service is supported by advertisers that allows Qtrax to compensate artists for their work.

Visit Qtrax to download free songs in Singapore.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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  1. So how many songs are actually available?? And how many people are actually using the service??

    ROFLMAO, Qtrax is a joke. People of Singapore, you can get free music elsewhere and the best part it doesn’t come with Microsoft’s shitastic DRM. There’s this great tech invention called torrents. Try ’em some time.

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