Fitness First VS True Fitness (SG)

You feel it’s about time to hit the gym in Singapore after binging on junk food over the Chinese New Year holidays. And after much consideration, you are now looking at Fitness First VS True Fitness. To help you make a better decision, here’s a comparison of what these 2 gyms can offer you (and their cost) based on my personal experience of owning both their all-gym access membership.

Fitness FirstTrue Fitness
Gym ConditionNewOld
Towel RentalYesYes
Locker RentalYesYes
Locker SizeMedium to LargeSmall to Medium
Workout Attire RentalPlatinum Clubs OnlyNo
Machines & Free WeightsLessMore
Group Exercise (Classes)View All ClassesView All Classes
Swimming PoolsYesNo
Shower Amenities (Soap & Shampoo)YesYes
DVD RentalYesNo
Newspapers & MagazinesYesNo
Coffee, Tea & Soft DrinksYesCoffee Only
Convenient LocationsYesSo-so
Earliest Opening Time
(Only applicable to some clubs & certain days only)
Latest Closing Time
(Only applicable to some clubs & certain days only)
Payment ModeMonthly by GIRO or Credit CardFull Amount (Pre-paid)
Monthly CostS$140+ (12-mth contract, early termination fee of S$200)S$50+ (24+6mths package)

In conclusion, I believe Fitness First is a better choice if cost is not an issue to you. But if you are looking for value and willing to take the risk of paying upfront fees for 2 or more years, True Fitness is your choice.

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Written by Patrick Tan


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  1. It is quite misleading if you were to compare the earliest opening hours and the latest closing hours. You should highlight Fitness First (those near the city) open quite late at 10am and closes quite early 6pm – 7pm on Sunday. Something I really don’t like.

  2. @Fitness First Member, thanks for the point. I agree it may be misleading and I will highlight your point as suggested. Unfortunately, True Fitness has similar problem as well. For e.g. Chevron House’s True Fitness opens till 6pm on Sundays.

  3. Hi, thanks for your comparison, it is very helpful.

    I have a question though – when you say ‘towel rental’, ‘locker rental’ and ‘fitness attire rental’ does that come included in your member fee if you are a member? Or do you have to pay extra for every time you use these things? I got caught out with that at Fitness First in Australia – you have to pay $2 to borrow a towel there, even if you are a member.


  4. so how much will it be for 4months at true fitness? and on the net i hear sum people selling there membership i don’t understand and the s$50 for true fitness is monthly or daily? i thought i would be really expensive

  5. @kbl, S$50+ is monthly but you must pay upfront for about 30 months (not sure what’s the latest package now).

  6. People should also take into consideration the business ethics of both management. Looking at how True Group treats its True Spa members, its definitely Fitness First for me. Consumers should remember.. if you are looking for value and take the risk of paying upfront fees for 2 or more years, not even CASE can save you if True Fitness closes down before you can complete your contract.

  7. Why sign up for any gym packages or spa packages and pay upfront fees when you know they can close anytime and you have no recourse for a refund nor any protection by CASE? when nobody falls for such tricks, they will have to come up with a better fairer business model.

  8. I’m paying $86 giro mthly at suntec one branch only. recently just moved to AMK may have to sign-up fitness 1st in AMK hub. I’m doing comparison now….

  9. TF changed the locker system. Now all the members have to bring their own padlocks to gym. If they forget, they have 2 options: Bring their bags into gym n shower OR purchase a padlock for $5. It’s so inconvenient and the staff kept saying that TF upgraded the changing room for the members. The towels are always dirty and sometimes I can even see (blood?) stain on the towels. The shower rooms are forever dirty. So please think twice before signing up. Even if you are not happy with the service, you wont be able to terminate the contract.

  10. True Fitness:
    (-) Has more Levers (machines) compare to Fitness First
    (-) Has less dumbbells and no bench at all.
    (-) Towels are not good, look quite worn-out and some of them have stains.
    (-) Shower rooms smell weird. Changing room is less clean compare to FF.
    (-) Lockers are so small.
    (-) Less luxury furnitures and machines compare to FF

    (+) Less crowded compare to FF
    (+) Has more space compare to FF
    (+) Has coffee machine!
    (+) Has more cardio machines variety e.g.: stair-climbing machine

  11. I’m currently with FF Tampines Branch, TF just open a new brance here as well and I went up to take a look at it last weekend. True enough its bigger, more machines and most important lesser crowd. Probably because its new but FF is definitley over crowded now, its good to have another gym to share the demand and I’m seriously reconsidering about switching club after reading so much about the negative side about TF.

  12. Westgate new mall has just open Fitness First platinum outlet recently. Was contemplating in joining the membership but seeing most of the comments stating that we have to pay like months upfront, I guess I’m just gonna give it a miss. I rather pay a monthly fee tho cause you’ll never know what’s gonna happen in the near future. I use to be a member of Cali fitness but stop halfway due to the fact that they close their big outlet at orchard which is now replaced by H&M.

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