Prudential Singapore – Change Payment by GIRO to Credit Card

If you are paying your Prudential insurance premium by GIRO in Singapore, why not consider switching it to payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercards issued by Standard Chartered Bank, DBS/POSB, Maybank, UOB or Citibank) and earn yourself some reward points or cash rebates? I have recently carried out this change successfully and here’s how it is done.

Basically, there are 2 forms to be completed and mailed back to Prudential:

Application for Alteration Form 1

1) Download “Application for Alteration Form 1 [PDF]” to cancel your existing GIRO payment arrangement

2) Complete the following fields found in the form:

  • Policy Number(s)
  • Name of Life Assured
  • Financial Consultant’s Code and Name
  • Change the payment method to cash/cheque
  • Signature of Policyowner and Trustee(s)/Assignee(s)
  • Date

Application for Regular Premium Payment by Credit Card

3) Download “Application for Regular Premium Payment by Credit Card [PDF]” to setup payment by credit card

4) Complete the following fields found in the form:

  • Name
  • Office / Home No(s)
  • NRIC / Passport Number
  • Handphone No(s)
  • Name (as in Credit Card)
  • Visa / MasterCard Number
  • Credit Card issuing Bank (“Bank”)
  • Expiry Date (MM/YY)
  • Policy No.
  • Total number of policies
  • Cardholder’s Signature

5) Mail these 2 forms (together) to Prudential at:

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited
Robinson Road P.O. Box 492
Singapore 900942

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