Looking for Japan Jobs from Singapore? Try UNIQLO!

Fancy working in Japan after your university graduation in Singapore? You may now have a chance to do so by enrolling in UNIQLO Japan Overseas Hire Program in 2010. According to a STOMP forum post by enymarra, this Japan job opportunity will pay above average Japanese fresh graduate salary of ¥200,000 (about S$3,000) per month. And the following are details of this program:

Program Highlights

– Training in Japan for 2 years
– Chance to work at overseas UNIQLO stores after training
– Good remuneration package, housing benefits, and Japanese language support


– Has acquired or will be getting a bachelor’s degree by August 2010 (no Japanese skills required)

Recruitment Talks

Where: NTU, Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre (TCT-LT)
When: 3rd February 2010 (Wednesday), 6.30pm

Where: NUS (Career Fair), Multi Purpose Sports Hall
When: 4-5th February 2010 (Thursday-Friday), 10am-5pm

Where: Concorde Hotel, Studio 1
When: 6th February 2010 (Saturday), 1pm

For more information, download UNIQLO Japan Overseas Hire Program (PDF).

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