Stress Relief in SG – Get a Pet Fish!

If you are looking for stress relief in Singapore, why not consider keeping a pet fish such as Betta (or commonly known as fighting fish in Singapore)? Studies have shown that gazing at aquarium fish reduces stress, and furthermore, bettas are such beautiful yet easy (and cheap) to maintain pets. How do I know that? I just bought one recently.

Why Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)?

Get a Pet Betta Fighting Fish! (Stress Relief in Singapore)Apart from their gorgeous colours, bettas can survive well in smaller fish tanks without any air pump assistance (due to their labyrinth organ that enables them to breathe air directly from the surface).

This makes them a perfect pet for your office where stress level may be the highest.

What You Need and Where to Get Them in Singapore?

  • Betta Fish (strictly one male per tank)
  • Small Fish Tank
  • Fish Net (for scooping up the fish during water change)
  • Fish Food (flakes, pellets or freeze dried bloodworms)
  • Water Conditioner (to remove chlorine and chloramines instantly from tap water)
  • Sand
  • Plastic/Silk Plant (with no sharp edges that may cut its fins)

The above should cost you about S$40-S$50 at pet shops such as Pet Lovers Centre in Singapore. If you are staying in the heartlands, you should be able to get everything at almost half the price from a neighbourhood pet fish stall/shop.

Care Instructions

  • Feed once a day (their stomach is only as big as their eye!)
  • Do a 100% water change once a week

For more info on keeping a betta healthy, visit 6 Ways To Have A Happy Betta.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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