Best 10 Personal Blogs in Singapore

The following are the best 10 personal blogs in Singapore (out of 1,500 blog registrations) determined by over 160,000 votes in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards 2009.

Can’t Quit (chinese)Addicted to Kit°C
Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe (chinese)There’s no real prince in the world – there’s only bastard and bastard pretending to be prince. I’m not sure if i’m a witch, but I’m sure that I’m not a princess.
MedicBoyz (chinese)Stories behind the white robe.
Very Random Posts |Bo Liao Sia|Tv, games, iPhone apps, food, latest news, funny and interesting articles,videos, my bo liao life and more. Absolute Randomness!!
GordonatorI’m a member of the 501st Legion, a Star Wars fan group. We dedicate ourselves to charity work and make appearances at Star Wars events.
simply-shawn. tingle your senses.I write about things I see online or offline. I love photography too. I also write about things that I find is unfair in the social world.
Times Of My LifeA nostalgia blog about myself and Singapore. A sign that I’m aging – start to reminisce about the past but can’t remember the present.
Bryan’s AngelsBryan’s Angels is blog dedicated to my companion parrots, Kacy, Kiki and Kermit. The blog shares about their exciting adventures, their exquisite lifestyle living with their Flock Leader (that’s me)!
berubettoBeru Betto is an original design and craft blog with kick-ass DIY tutorials designed by Joanne Loo.

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