Best 10 Model Blogs in Singapore

The following are the best 10 model blogs in Singapore (out of 1,500 blog registrations) determined by over 160,000 votes in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards 2009.

Naomi liuI’m doing freelance modeling and i do blog about my life and myself.
Celestina-Choon YanI’m curently a part-time model who’ve once appeared in Playeur and Hotstuff magazine. One of FHM 2009 top 10 too.
Yutaki’s Esctastic RhapsodiesMale model blog.
QiuQiuShortly, it’s all about me. I’m yes, very self-centered. And loving it.
CrystalI blog abt anything under the sun, really… From makeup to animals, & events that I do while modeling. My blog is my stand to be heard.
The Girl Next Door – LitingThe written fractions of life by Audrey.
Follow Yr HeartI am kind yet strong. I has a strength that is ever so subtle. I don’t give up on my life, and I won’t chase a man. I know what I wants but won’t compromise myself to get it.
xueshaI am a free lance model, having a blog and many readers is a bless!
Christalle HuangReal, day-to-day experiences that readers can relate to. Who says life in Singapore is boring?
The Very Poisonous LadyNot as poisonous as it seems, pretty harmless person. I mind my own business cause I really indulged in myself too much.

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