Best 10 Interesting Blogs in SG

The following are the best 10 interesting blogs in Singapore (out of 1,500 blog registrations) determined by over 160,000 votes in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards 2009.

The Singapore Ghost Hunting ClubI’m the lead ghost hunter in my Club. We’re a bunch of amateur ghost hunting fans that loves to hunt down ghosts based on hauntings from personal experiences of the public and haunted places.
I.Z. Reloaded: Online RefreshmentsI.Z. is the editor of Klik.TV. His blog I.Z. Reloaded covers news, pop culture, blogs, websites, gadgets, the fascinating and the weird from a Singapore perspective.
Singapore Agnes TanI talk about everything and anything that happens in Singapore.
Optimistic attitude to life (chinese)Welcome to share my views on the destiny.
There really is no need for a title…Hmmmm, Most Insightful, or What-the-hell category. Gosh this is so hard, Being 17 is unlike being 16 where u get to choose youth category, simple as that, it’s so hard being 17…
kilikulu.comI superultrasangattersungguh LOVE to eat sekali. That’s why I choose because ‘it’ sound like my stomach is crawling.
Blog of a Singapore TransgenderI’m a Singapore Transgender hoping to let more people see into the world of being an outcast transgender. Blogging daily life and rants, personal life story, at times gossip & news updates.
Mooshido, king of the marshmallowsMy blog is probably evidence that I am bipolar. I take pictures of all things gross, and clouds. Dead insects, dead birds, my bleeding finger. Oh, and I ate a bull’s dick when I was in Hong Kong.
Aussie PeteEvents and happenings of our life in Singapore. A fun way of breaking the monotony-helps keep friends, relatives and readers up-to-date – important, interesting, funny and often bizarre.
Jialat dot ComLife is Jialat nowadays. So? Sit back, relax this Jialat blog then.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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