Salary Scale for 100+ Singapore Jobs! (2009)

What is the latest salary scale for jobs in Singapore? Whether you’re figuring out how much you’re worth to your existing employer in Singapore, or you’re a foreigner/fresh graduate preparing to join the local workforce, this will most likely be one of the main questions on your mind.

The latest Report on Wages in Singapore released by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in June 2009, captured the average salary scale in Singapore for 238,550 full-time employees working in 3,099 companies. This maybe one of the best guides around for expected wages of jobs in Singapore for 2009.

Based on data found in the report, we have compiled the salary scale for 100+ common jobs in Singapore for you below:

OccupationMedian Monthly Gross Wage (S$)
Specialised Surgeon$24,300
Managing Director$15,000
General Manager$12,500
Personal Banker$11,713
Foreign Exchange Dealer and Broker$11,412
Company Director$10,550
Commodities Futures Broker$10,200
Risk Management Manager$8,900
Fund Manager$8,762
Business Management Consultant$8,583
Treasury Manager$8,500
Legal Service Manager$8,490
Sea Traffic Controller$8,363
Finance Sales Associate Professional$8,333
Financial Futures Dealer and Broker$8,333
Computer Operations and Network Manager$7,798
Legal Officer$7,280
Operations Manager (Finance)$7,163
Computer and Information Systems Manager$7,125
Research and Development Manager$7,000
Engineering Manager$6,700
Budgeting and Financial Accounting Manager$6,566
Corporate Planning Manager$6,565
Business Development Manager$6,500
Advocate and Solicitor$6,400
Training Manager$6,308
University Lecturer$6,288
Technical Manager$6,155
Marketing Manager$6,114
Personnel/Human Resource Manager$6,105
Chemical Engineer (Petroleum)$6,083
Quality Assurance Manager$6,061
Manufacturing Plant and Production Manager$5,924
Procurement Manager$5,800
Naval Architect$5,764
Customer Service Manager$5,714
Instrumentation Engineer$5,704
Logistics Manager$5,623
Creative Director (Advertising)$5,599
Lawyer (Except Advocate and Solicitor)$5,514
Advertising and Public Relations Manager$5,500
Sales Manager$5,450
Hotel Service Manager$3,970
Stationary Plant Supervisor and General Foreman$3,970
Shop Sales Manager$3,500
Carton and Paper Box Making Machine Operator$3,383
Aircraft Engine Mechanic$3,340
Computer and Related Electronic Equipment Mechanic$3,282
Karaoke Pub Manager (Including Disco & Nightclubs)$3,000
Mechanical Products Quality Checker and Tester$2,978
Lodging Services Manager$2,956
Machine Supervisor and General Foreman$2,940
Supervisor and General Foreman (Precision, Handicraft, Printing and Related Trades)$2,888
Supervisor and General Foreman (Metal, Machinery and Related Trades)$2,830
Legal Clerk$2,814
Restaurant and Other Catering Services Manager$2,750
Clerical Supervisor$2,676
Book Editor$2,661
Advertising Account Executive$2,655
Audit Clerk$2,599
Tool and Die Maker$2,599
Music Instructor$2,548
Social Worker$2,476
Counsellor, Family$2,400
Insurance/Underwriting Clerk$2,301
Sales Supervisor$2,108
Housekeeper (Hotels and Other Establishments)$2,098
House Steward$1,952
Sports Official$1,895
Hair Stylist/Hairdresser$1,853
Aircraft Loader$1,844
Dental Nurses$1,799
Enrolled/Assistant Nurse$1,783
Medical/Dental Receptionist$1,650
Godown Labourer$1,617
Telephone Operators$1,609
Store Hand$1,596
Garbage Collectors$1,593
Hotel Receptionist$1,543
Sales Demonstrator$1,515
Youth Worker$1,515
Bar/Lounge Hostess$1,435
Pre-Primary Education Teachers$1,409
Data Entry Operator$1,400
Private Security Guard$1,379
Garment Pattern Maker$1,361
Building Painter$1,341
Papermaking Machine Operator$1,331
Cleaner Supervisor$1,330
Wood Products Machine Operators$1,329
Rubber Products Machine Operators$1,322
Plastic Product Machine Operator$1,320
Hospital Attendant$1,311
Car Park Attendant$1,300
Office Attendant$1,246
Bus Driver$1,230
Garment Cutter$1,230
Floor and Wall Tile Setter$1,225
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Worker$1,219
Kitchen Assistant$1,200
Motor Vehicle Cleaner/Polisher$1,181
Bellboy/Hotel Porter$1,176
Metal Heat Treating Plant Operator$1,168
Food and Drink Stall Assistant$1,135
Electrical Equipment/Component Assembler$1,114
Hand Packer$1,100
Hawker/Stall Holder (Prepared Food or Drinks)$1,090
Porter (Except Hotel)$1,081
Dish Washer$1,074
Pipe Fitter$1,000
Mattress Maker$996
Building Caretaker/Watchman$950
Silk Screen, Block and Textile Printer$945
Manufacturing Labourer and Related Worker$800
Construction Labourer and Related Worker$800
Sandblaster/Shotblaster (Metal)$800
Structural Steel and Ship Painter$800
Cleaner (Industrial Establishment)$800
Office Cleaner$790
Ship and Ship Tank Cleaner$730
Aircraft Cleaner$537

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  1. Seems like Programmer / Software are not common enuf. And no one is earning between 4K – 5.4K ?

  2. how much do the polytechnic lecturer gets and the vocational lecturer gets? All with marketing degree. Thanks.

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