Best Way to Avoid Forgetting Your Keys in Singapore

Do you often forget your keys? Probably not. But for the elderly, it can be weekly or even daily affair. The increased frequency of my aged father forgetting his keys and left them dangling from the keyhole outside our house, has prompted me to seek an effective solution.

Using traditional ways such as pasting reminders were all in vain. It was a simple electronic gadget that I purchased for about S$9 that saved the day.

The gadget is actually an Electronic Anti-lost Alarm that I’ve purchased from DealExtreme and the following is a picture of it.

DealExtreme - Anti-Lost Alarm
The alarm consists of a sender (which I’ve secured to my father’s keychain) and a receiver (that is placed in his wallet). Once the receiver is out of the sender’s range, it will start to vibrate and an alarm will go off. See how it works in the following video.

Now The Cons

Basically the alarm does not work very well at longer ranges. It works perfectly only when set at the lowest range. This means the sender and receiver cannot be apart for more than a couple of centimetres.

Additionally, the setup instructions are badly written but I’ve created this video to help you set it up easily.

Where to Buy?

The Electronic Anti-lost Alarm retails at DealExtreme for US$5.98 (about S$9) and it comes with free shipping to Singapore.

If you’ve a better way to avoid forgetting your keys, please share it in the comments below.

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Written by Patrick Tan


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  1. @Eron, it does not work well at all for longer ranges. It works moderately well when set at less than 10cm range.

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