Singapore Financial Aid Calculator for 2009

In addition to the financial aid package committed in Budget 2007, more benefits were declared in Budget 2009 to help Singaporeans cushion the impact of the present economic decline. So how much financial aid will you and your family stand to pocket in 2009 based on the benefits announced in Budget 2007 and 2009?

The financial aid package includes:

  • GST Credits and Senior Citizens’ Bonus
  • Rental rebates
  • Post-Secondary Education Account top-up
  • Property Tax rebates
  • Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) rebates
  • Utilities-Save Rebates
  • Personal Income Tax rebates
  • Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) and WIS special payment

Now, the Singapore Household Benefits Calculator for 2009, an online tool, lets you determine the estimated total amount of financial aid that you and your family may be receiving in 2009.

Simply select your “type of residence“, the “number of adults and children” in your household and their “details“, to view an estimate of the total financial aid (based on the benefits announced in Budget 07 & 09) that may be given to you.

Calculate your Singapore financial aid package for 2009 now.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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