MOE Starts eCareers.Sg – An Education & Job Guide

for all secondary and pre-university students as well as educators in Singapore. Essentially, eCareers.Sg is an interactive online education and job guide. It helps students to shed light on their true calling by profiling them, and then provide information on matching jobs (and their related educational courses) based on the profile results.

For example, the Personal Globe Inventory tool lets students evaluate their interest and how confident are they in a series of activities. Then according to their interest style, eCareers.Sg will generate a list of jobs and their details. This online education and job guide will also show students a list of courses that is related to these jobs.

Additionally, eCareers.Sg is also dedicated to assist students in brushing up their job-search abilities. There will be web-based training lessons focusing on topics such as resume, interview and etc.

Although eCareers.Sg is officially launched today, this online education and job guide is still in its last stage of construction and will be made accessible to secondary and post-secondary schools by August 2009 and to primary schools by early 2010.

Try out eCareers.Sg today.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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