Want to Save Electricity Effectively? Use ETrack!

The recent surge in electricity price by 21% has prompted many in Singapore to save electricity more pro-actively. However, does turning a few switches off or changing a few bulbs really help? In business, they say you can’t manage what you don’t measure and the same probably holds true in this case.

Using ETrack, an electricity consumption tracking device, you will be able to monitor exactly how much you are spending (displayed in dollar value form) of each electrical appliance such as air-conditioner and cut down on where it ‘hurts’ most.

To read more about this electricity consumption monitoring device that can help you to save electricity more effectively, visit

Latest: The above-mentioned ETrack’s website is no longer in use.

Where to Buy, How Much and What You’ll Get?

Unfortunately, during publication time, ETrack’s website does not carry such information. After some digging, I’ve managed to find out that Home-Fix stores are selling ETrack and the following is what I have gathered from my conversation with a helpful staff at Home-Fix in Ang Mo Kio Hub.

Where to Buy: Home-Fix Stores
How Much: S$160 Nett (includes delivery & installation)
What You Get: 2 ETrack panels (each panel can monitor up to 4 power points i.e. 4 electrical appliances)

For S$40 more, you will get 2 more ETrack panels to help you monitor and save electricity.

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  1. I checked @ home fix store and price are as follow:-
    1 panel with 2 channels is $160. (monitor up to 2 points only)
    1 panel with 4 channels is $200. (monitor up to 4 points)

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