Dime – Create a Singapore Online Store in 5 Minutes!

Dime is a Singapore-based online mall that aims to bring sellers and buyers together under one roof. The concept is simple. It’s like building a huge shopping complex that allows everyone to setup shop for free and easily, except this is an online mall and the shop space is indefinite. With a myriad of Singapore online stores selling almost everything under one roof, shoppers are likely to throng the place to enjoy the wide variety of choices, convenience and deals.

How to Create an Online Dime Store in 5 Minutes?

Sellers rejoice! As long you can click a mouse, you can set up a nice looking Singapore online store like Chic Loft in just 5 minutes!

Simply register with Dime, click on “set up a Dime store now”, enter Payments Details (e.g. bank account details) and click “Set up my store”. That’s ALL!

Customizing Your Store on Dime’s Online mall

Dime even lets you make it your own by allowing customization to your store’s Info, Colours, Masthead (Logo) and Background. Once you have finished personalizing your Singapore online store, proceed to set-up the product catalogue, and then add your products.

Open Shop and Announce It

Finally, open your store to public view and post an announcement under “Posts” to greet the shoppers!

Visit Dime‘s online mall to buy or create a Singapore online store today.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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