Why Pay for Estimates in SP Services Utility Bill?

Basically, SP Services reads your utility usage (electricity, gas & water) only ONCE every 2 months and for the month when your usage is not read, you will be billed on ESTIMATED usage based on previous actual readings. By paying for estimates, it may upset your disposable income unnecessarily and mess up your monthly expenses.

To avoid paying for estimates in your utility bill, learn how to submit your utility meter reading to SP Services. It is an easy process and should take you no more than 5 minutes.

1) First of all, we need to identify the utility meters for electricity, gas & water in Singapore.


2) Next, visit SP Services and click on “submit meter reading“.

3) Login with your Userid and Password (If you do not have one, register easily here).

4) Once you are logged in, click on “submit meter reading” again.

5) Finally, read and submit your meter readings according to the instructions and dates stipulated.

Submission Dates:

Please read your meter and submit the reading taken between 26/09/2008 (from 6am onwards) and 29/09/2008 (before 5pm) for billing. Thank you.

Meter Reading Instructions (Refer to pt 1 for the correct meter to read):



Alternatively, to avoid paying for estimates in your Singapore utility bill, you can submit your meter readings to SP Services via their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service on 1800-2222-333.

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Written by Patrick Tan


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  1. Hi, this is very GOOD information, wish more people in Singapore knew of this site and service! Intend to cross post, any issues? thanks

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Cross posting is not allowed. However, using a snippet (first 40-50 words) of the article with a link back to the original article will be allowed and greatly appreciated.

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