8 Simple Steps to Merge StarHub Reward Points

Have you ever pondered over why StarHub is unable to consolidate different services into a single bill and most importantly, what to do with that few pathetic StarHub reward points generated by each account separately?

Personally I have 2 Digital Voice, 1 MaxOnline and 1 Mobile accounts with StarHub. This means I will receive 4 separate bills per month and each generating their own insignificant amount of StarHub reward points which takes forever to accumulate for redemption.

Although this information may be grossly dated, I’m still very happy to find out that StarHub actually allows transferring of reward points between all your accounts. So by spending less than 10 minutes to transfer all my points into a single account, I have managed to turn “worthless” points into an actual savings of S$24!

The following is what I did to consolidate StarHub reward points from 4 separate bills into a single Mobile account and redeemed them for a “3G PowerValue 100 ($24 per month) ($25.68 w/GST)” at 1000 points:

  • Refer to my Mobile account’s bill for the Account No. (for e.g. 1.11234567-A)
  • Visit StarHub Rewards
  • Login with my Hub ID (If you do not have one, register easily here)
  • Click on each account (except 1.11234567-A) followed by “Points Transfer” tab and transfer all points available to “Account No. : 1.11234567-A”
  • Select “Click here to access another account for redemption” and repeat the above step until all StarHub reward points are transferred to 1.11234567-A
  • Select “Mobile Service Plans” from Category drop-down box
  • Navigate to “3G PowerValue 100 for 1000 pts”, click “Add to Basket” and select my “Starhub Mobile account (1.11234567-A)”
  • Finally, click on the “Redemption Cart” tab to complete the process

Not bad for just a few minutes of work to fatten my wallet by S$24. Hope it does the same or even more for you!

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan


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  1. Thanks for the super valuable tip….!!!!! It was a great as I had thousands of points from 4 different accounts! Now after the combination of 4 accounts in one……I have 12,390 points….!!!!!


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