Singapore Unit Trust: Quick, Best Unit Trust Research

To make a better and well-informed decision when investing your hard-earned money in Singapore unit trust, it is essential to get hold of and analyse up-to-date fund information. But what if you can’t afford the time to research thoroughly? So what should you do at a minimal level to protect your investment?

First of all, you must recognise the fact that you should not be investing in Singapore unit trust based SOLELY on the recommendations from a financial adviser.

You must at least understand what you are buying into and determine if this is the best unit trust for you in terms of total returns, consistency in performance, risk factor and annual expense (yearly management and distribution fee) incurred.

To help you achieve your quick research on Singapore unit trust, below are the best unit trust selectors that not only allow you to filter funds by Type, Returns, Risk & Cost/Expense, they also provide quick overview, analysis as well as professional ratings/scorecard on each individual unit trust:

Morningstar Asia
Fund Singapore

Finally, it may also be worth your while to verify the information that you have gathered with – an established Singapore unit trust online distributor.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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