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Adrenaline is a Singapore sports related social networking site (think friendster and facebook but with a local sports theme) that also has an unique media channel called Adrenaline TV to broadcast sporting events in Singapore.

On the social networking front, Adrenaline allows you to mingle and link up with other like-minded Singapore sports enthusiasts whom can be discovered as individuals, by the sports they like or the groups they belong to.

Through your profile, you can share stories, photos and videos of your favourite sport(s). Viewers can then interact with your postings by leaving a comment or dropping a note on your personal message board.

For those itching for a game but lack of players, you can create a “Match Invite” to look for people to join. If you need to remind yourself and inform others of an upcoming sporting event, you can simply add it as an entry on your calendar.

On the Singapore sports TV end, Adrenaline TV not only provides professional coverage of sporting events in schools, it also carries instructional videos on alternative sports such as Hip-Hop dance and yoyo as well as latest news in the Singapore sports scene.

Things to Note Before You Visit:

It is important to note that Adrenaline requires users residing in Singapore to input their NRIC number during the registration process.

However, the registration process is not encrypted and this means your personal identifiable data is transmitted insecurely over the Internet as clear text.

Next, users are required to download and install a separate software (Microsoft Silverlight) in order to view certain parts of Adrenaline.

As Adrenaline is still in beta stage, let’s hope they will iron out these issues in their final release.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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