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TransitLink, GoThere – Journey Planner for Bus/Train

The essential needs of a commuter using public transport in Singapore are generally directions and how to get there either in the shortest time or least amount of money possible .

As the Singapore transport system continues to evolve to meet the needs of a growing population, things are bound to change drastically. Your need for a journey planner for bus/train like the ones offered by TransitLink and GoThere is imminent, so let’s see how these services can benefit you.

TransitLink – Public Transport Journey Planner

The TransitLink‘s journey planner (still on trial during publication), although slower and slightly more cumbersome to use than GoThere (see below), it does provides:

  • A myriad of useful options to help you filter and locate the exact information
  • Alternative journey solutions
  • Up-to-date bus/train fares

Myriad of Useful Options

Your starting location & final destination option includes:
Street, Landmark/Building Name, Postal Code and MRT/LRT station.

And travel option encompasses:
Shortest Travel Time, Cheapest Fare, Transport Mode(s) & Maximum Walking Distance.

Alternative Journey Solutions

According to the options specified by you above, all available journey solutions including alternative routes will be tabulated and presented to you in table form.

Each solution from TransitLink’s journey planner contains directions, links to map, number of stops, ez-link card fare, cash fare and estimated travel time.

Up-to-date Bus/Train Fares

Being a company jointly set up by the public transport companies (SBS Transit & SMRT), it has direct assess to their latest fares which are reflected in the journey solutions.

GoThere – Bus/Train Journey Planner

If TransitLink’s journey planner is about options and information, GoThere will be about speed and ease of use.

Just input your location & final destination and it will automatically find the shortest way of getting there by bus/train or bus only.

The journey solution from GoThere journey planner includes graphical representation of entire route on a map, directions, estimated travel time and cost of the trip.

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