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Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) Charges & Avoiding It?

As Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges are being adjusted regularly and new ERP gantries being setup constantly to regulate road traffic in Singapore, it is no longer an easy feat to keep track of these changes manually. Fortunately, there are several local websites dedicated to help you determine the exact Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges as well as planning alternate routes to avoid or reduce the need to pass through a ERP gantry.

First of all, we have the official ONE.MOTORING website by Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore which serves a trusted and up-to-date source of Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges. It allows you to easily view full day charges of each ERP gantry (that appears on a map) which can be filtered by Day and Vehicle Type.

Next, Oneshift car portal has upgraded its Driving Guide service which not only allows you to plan your journey from point A to B on a map complete with driving instructions, you can now view the ERP gantries that you will encounter. There is even a ERP Trip Cost Calculator that automatically displays the total Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges at real-time for the entire journey.

Furthermore, you can “Add Detour Marker” and drag it on the map to create alternate routes to avoid or reduce the need to pass through a ERP gantry. Once the new route is plotted out, the ERP Trip Cost Calculator will re-tabulate and display the new total Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges accordingly.

Latest Updates:

GoThere has introduced a “Try avoiding ERP” feature that automatically attempts to plot out a new route to bypass the gantries found in the original route suggested by their online journey planner for drivers in Singapore. Just visit GoThere, input your location & destination, click “Find”, select “Drive” and check the box next to “Try avoiding ERP”. (Contributed by Gary) is a newly launched online ERP and Fuel cost calculator. It is able to tabulate the total ERP and fuel cost required based on your Start and End Points, Vehicle Type, Fuel Consumption or Engine Capacity, Time and Day. Check out this calculator on TripSum.

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