STOMP Singapore (The Stomp Online by SPH)

STOMP is Singapore’s leading citizen journalism website populated with newsworthy local videos, pictures and news submitted by the public under the Singapore Seen section. All these content are further spiced up by viewers’ comments and ratings.

Users can also choose to take this interaction with other like-minded users to a new level via the Talkback forums as well as Club STOMP which functions like a social networking site (similar to Friendster and Facebook) but boasts offline membership perks and activities in Singapore.

For those looking at indulging in some controversy, be sure to visit and engage the Singapore star bloggers as they blog on a new topic each week under STOMP’s Star Blog feature. If patience is not a virtue, you can participate in live conversation with these bloggers at a stipulated timing found on Star Blog.

In addition, this STOMP online site owned by Singapore Press Holdings, is also making waves in the traditional news media environment. As for the first time, popular user-submitted content are made readily available and this has led to these content being picked up and broadcasted by Singapore’s core media channels.

Check out STOMP, Singapore’s leading citizen journalism website here!

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Written by Patrick Tan

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