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Quaffs (Social Networking Shopping in Singapore)

Quaffs merges social networking and shopping into a single bustling community in Singapore by remunerating you while making new friends! This social commerce site works on building your social network of friends, OoD (Objects of Desire) and Quaffs dollars used to redeem these OoD from their online store. Quaffs dollars can be accumulated through joining as new members or shopping with Quaffs by you, your friends and your friends’ friends.

Apart from building your profile and inviting friends to join, Quaffs also provides several useful tools like the (1) Photo Manager to rapidly upload photos and amend their titles and captions in real-time, (2) Wazzup! a Blogging tool, (3) Blurbs as a simple message board and (4) Wishlist to capture all your Objects of Desire (OoD).

Take a peek at Quaffs today.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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  1. Wow, Patrick! thanks for your very cool review 🙂

    Eric from Quaffs.
    ps: do add me in Quaffs, you can find me using search 🙂

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