Equine Sanctuary (Singapore Horse Agistment, Horse Spelling)

Equine Sanctuary is a horse spelling facility in Singapore, set up by an ex-Stipendiary Steward with the Singapore Turf Club for 5 years. It is built in mind to create the optimal environment to allow gradual healing (through rest) of thoroughbred horses while keeping them in close proximity to their trainers and owners in Singapore.

At this Singapore horse agistment – horse spelling facility, your horses can take comfort in the haven of lush greenery and serene environment of an exclusive location at the former Singapore Turf Club’s stabling facilities in Bukit Timah (next to Turf City).

Your champion thoroughbreds are no different from the top athletes today. And no champion sportsman/woman can stay at the top of the game without a taking an occasional deserving rest to recuperate and regain their peak performing selves…

Find out more about rewarding your horses at Equine Sanctuary today!

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Written by Patrick Tan

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