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How to Save on Drugstore’s Shipping Using vPOST?

Basically, only ships within the U.S. Although it works with a third-party, Access USA – to offer international shipping to Singapore, the shipping charges to Singapore are not ideal. For example, a package of 1.1kg will cost US$55.6 (approx S$80).

Fortunately, Drugstore accepts vPOSTUSA address for shipping and this translates to a whopping savings of 70%. Instead of S$80, I only need to pay S$23.32 for a package weighing 1.1kg.

The following is how I have used vPOST successfully on

1. To begin with, you must have a registered account with vPOST (register for free at to get your personalised vPOSTUSA shipping address.

2. Next and which is also the key to successfully using vPOST on Drugstore, is to input the correct Billing and Shipping address:

For instance, if your vPOSTUSA address in Oregon is:

Name: VP0123456 Patrick Tan
Address 1: 8548 NE Alderwood Road
Address 2: Suite VP0123456
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Zip/Postal Code: 97220
Tel: (503)-736-5916

3. Under the “checkout | enter your billing & shipping information“, input the above information as follows:
vPOST Address under Billing and Shipping Information of

4. After that, continue to checkout and place your order.

5. Once you received “Your Order Confirmation” email, forward it to

6. You will be informed by email on your consolidated payment advice for your’s items that arrived in the your vPOSTUSA address.

7. Proceed to pay for your total shipment charges via vPOST and the items will be delivered to your Singapore address.

8. Here’s the Drugstore package that I have received from vPOST after 14 days (from the day I purchased from

Package from

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