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Good Chinese Physician / Sinseh (Bone Doctor) in Singapore

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Looking for a good Chinese Physician/Chinese Sinseh (a.k.a Bone Doctor) in Singapore for the bad sprain that you had suffered recently? Through a friend’s recommendation, I found one who specialises in fracture and physiotherapy, and he managed to relieve the back pain that I got from carrying some heavy stuff recently.

Tan Chong Shin TCM Physician
Furthermore this physician’s rates are pretty reasonable. Here are his details and try not to go on Mondays to avoid the long queue.

Tan Chong Shin Chinese Physician
Address: Blk 744 Bedok Reservoir Road, #01-3059, Singapore 470744
Tel: 6242-3317

Consultation Fees:
Treatment of one injury: $25

2nd, 3rd types of injuries subsequently cost $20 each during the same visit.

For example: Treatment of a twisted right ankle will cost $25. Additional treatment of the right knee on the same day will cost $45 in total.

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed and Fri

Tue, Thurs and Sat

Location & Map:
View Tan Chong Shin Chinese Physician location in a map.

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