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How to Avoid Buying a Stolen/Lost Phone in Singapore?

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You can safeguard yourself from buying a stolen or lost phone in Singapore using a simple SMS or Internet screening service provided by the Singapore Police Force. All you need are the mobile phone’s IMEI number (key *#06#) and your own passport/identification number. The screening service will display a result of “WANTED” if the phone has been reported stolen or lost to the Police. Otherwise, it will display “NO RECORD FOUND“.

The following are details on how to access these 2 screening services:

SMS Screening Service

Send the following SMS text message to “74688“:

a) For Singaporean, PR, Employment Pass or Work Permit Holders



b) For Others


Note: Standard SMS charges apply.

Internet Screening Service

Please visit Handphone IMEI Tracing System (HITS) and proceed as instructed on the screen.

Note: When screening with these services, if a ‘WANTED’ result is displayed, you are advised to alert the Police immediately of this stolen/lost phone in Singapore. - Singapore Screen Protector Store

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