Best 10 Food Blogs in Singapore

The following are the best 10 food blogs in Singapore (out of 1,500 blog registrations) determined by over 160,000 votes in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards 2009.

Blog About
Mothering Corner This is a bento blog by Shoppingmum, who is very addicted to packing food for her two wonderful kids.
Timeless Facade Everything is a facade, only good food is a reality.
Warm Kitchen (chinese) Cooking for love ones is a blessing. Hope to share my happiness-filled cuisines with everyone.
Let’s get Wokking! A stay at home mum who enjoy wokking (cooking) among other things. In my blog, I share simple and easy home-cooked food that I cook for my family.
Camemberu – Singapore Food Blog Every meal an adventure! Photos & reviews of delicious food in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan – from hawkers to restaurants, and some easy cooking recipes! Come for the food, stay for the camaraderie!
ladyironchef Food, my dear, is what they call an adventure!
Foodie’s Kitchen Good food is simple. With love and imagination, everyone can create wonders!
Cuisine Paradise I am a fulltime working mum who loves to experiment with my cooking and baking hobbies other than taking care of my little prince.
J2K3 | Food & Creativity Meet The Web Calling all fans of food. Explore the myriad of choices of cuisine offered in Singapore and check out the best ones reviewed. Be it good and excellent, most importantly they are at affordable prices!
Foodies Queen I love to eat. I have a curious personality and I hate yucky food. I blogged on what I’ve tasted and my after-felts. My readers can save their money and tummy for better tasting food!

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  1. Cannot understand how 160,000 people voted for the 10 best food blogs and yet most did not even read or comment on most of the blogs. It is amazing how some of them can be rated 10 best unless there are many friends who did all the voting. I must admit a few of them are very good and one outstanding.

  2. @ES Kwa. Can you let me know which are the deserving ones so that I can consider highlighting them?

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