Fast Way to Become a Singapore Preschool Teacher

The Education Minister has recently announced a brand new 10-month fast-track kindergarten diploma course which will commence on 20 April 09 at Singapore Polytechnic. This accelerated training path (which takes half the time than usual) is created to lure mid-career entrants & fresh graduates into becoming a preschool teacher in Singapore kindergartens.

The following is the course information:

Advanced Diploma in Kindergarten Education – Teaching (ADKET)

Course Intro :

The ADKET course is created specially to train its students to become a preschool teacher (kindergarten) in half the time required as compared to the existing Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (SDECCE).

SDECCE takes 1,600 hours over two or three years while ADKET takes about 10 months – 700 hours for mid-career graduates and polytechnic diploma holders and 900 hours for fresh graduates and polytechnic diploma holders.

For Course Details, refer to Singapore Polytechnic’s info on ADKET.
For Eligibility, Application Details & Forms, please refer to MOE’s info on ADKET.

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  1. What is the rationale of of starting ADKET?

    Though it is “half the time required as compared to the existing Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (SDECCE)”, this qualification is restricted to teaching at kindergartens only, which means these teachers cannot work in the childcare centres, unless they go for retraining by attending the Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education.

    Why is the ADKET supported by SPUR while the Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education course is not (though it is an MOE-MCYS accredited course for childcare & kindergarten teachers)?

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