Mocca (Singapore Classifieds, Classified Advertising)

MOCCA is MediaCorp’s online classifieds as well as upcoming online communities in Singapore that allows you to search, buy, sell and connect with others in Singapore. Basically, Mocca stands for MediaCorp Online Communities and Classified Advertising.

Mocca is the result of MediaCorp’s recognition that online classifieds will become a dominant channel in the world of Singapore classifieds due its reach and many user-friendly features such as search function that is impossible in many other medium where Singapore related classified ads reside.

In addition, Mocca helps to provide a medium where Mediacorp can reach out, bring together and serve all its different audiences from various broadcast channels and publications in Singapore.

For a start, MediaCorp is launching the Singapore classified advertising section which will be followed by the online communities soon.

Mocca is one of the 30 best Free Singapore Classified Ads Sites.

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